Unlikely Hollywood Pairs That Surprised Fans

When it comes to the Hollywood dating scene, things are pretty much unpredictable. Celebrities often gain creditfor flying from one relationship to another, that it’s no longer surprising to see them date someone new every once in a while. However, some Hollywood couples often spring out of the blue and shock fans with how unexpected they are.

Rusell Brand & Katy Perry

There are quite a few things to be said about Katy Perry and Rusell Brand’s marriage. It’s either you remember their pair up as one of Katy’s most controversial relationships, or you’ve completely forgotten about their romance altogether. Either way, these two were among, if not the most surprising celebrity couples of their time. The duo had a whirlwind romance that ended in a bitter legal separation, finalized by their lawyersaround late 2011-2012.

Channing Tatum & Jessie J

Before splitting with his wife and long-time partner, Jenna Dewan, it was hard to imagine Channing Tatum with someone else. That’s why fans were in utter shock when the American actor came public with his relationship with British singer Jessie J. Unfortunately, the couple split in 2020.

Ariana Grande & Pet Davidson

When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson began dating, it wasn’t just the fans who were surprised. The actor/comedian also couldn’t believe it himself. He even joked about it in several late-night talk shows, and for that, he deserves credit! The two later got engaged but eventually broke things off. Thank you, next!

Zach Braff & Florence Pugh

Comedian Zach Braff and Hollywood’s newest star Florence Pugh shocked everyone when they came public about their relationship. With a 21-year age gap, that also puts them among celebrity couples with the largest age difference. The two have gotten pretty close and even spent their quarantine together.

50 Cent & Chelsea Handler

When asked about her relationship with rapper 50 Cent, Chelsea Handler was honest and said that she never considered dating him when they first met. However, 50 Cent won over her heart when he sent over some flowers along with sweet messages. Any girl would’ve fallen for that, to be honest! It might’ve been unexpected, but the rapper definitely deserves creditfor being a complete romantic.

Tom Cruise & Cher

You’ve probably heard a lot about Tom Cruise’s relationships, but we bet many of you didn’t know that he actually had a fling with ’70s icon Cher. You read that right! Back before becoming Hollywood’s most bankable leading men, a young Tom Cruise managed to charm his way into the Believe singer’s heart. According to Cher, Tom was a very lovable and genuine guy and is easily one of her top five lovers.

Tiger Woods & LeAnn Rimes

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one of sport’s most notorious charmers, and he once cozied up to blonde beauty LeAnn Rimes. According to sources, the two had a few dates back in the early 2000s but kept everything hush, especially since the singer’s father wasn’t quite fond of their 7-year age gap. The relationship did not work out, but both succeeded in their careers and now have sky-high credit scores.

Josh Groban & Kat Dennings

Josh Groban and Kat Denning’s relationship was probably the most surprising as far as unexpected celebrity pairings go. Kat, a comedian/actress, is known for her sharp humor and free-spirited personality. On the other hand, Josh has a more serious image as a ballad singer and all. However, opposite as their personalities may seem, their romance gained credit for being one of Hollywood’s cutest and beloved pair-ups. Sadly, the twosome decided to end their relationship in 2016.