Movie Secrets Straight From The Stars

The film industry is one of the most lucrative and elaborate areas of the entertainment world. It has produced some fascinating visual arts products, but much of what we see is filtered content that passed through several stages of meticulous editing, leaving some of the good stuff away from the public eye.

Fortunately, though, some of our favorite celebs are here to spill the juiciest secrets from behind the cameras. These stars definitely deserve creditfor dishing some tea, so here are some of our favorites:

Dreams Coming To Life

Long before Tom Cruise became Hollywood’s favorite action star, the actor wanted to be a pilot. So when the opportunity to train as one came during the production of Top Gun, he took it.

According to the actor, the moment he knew that he would play a pilot, he made his lawyersand managers draft a contract that allowed him to fly and be filmed in an F14. His efforts definitely didn’t go to waste, as the film is now one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Impressing Meryl

Emily Blunt may have played the competitive conniving assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, but the actress shared that it wasn’t easy getting into those shoes, especially in front of the one and only Meryl Streep.

Emily revealed that Meryl’s approval was so hard to come by that she was basically on her toes the entire time they worked together. So when the Oscar-winner finally gave her some credit at the end of filming, she couldn’t help but bawl her eyes out in relief.

Fashion Memorabilia

Mean Girls has got to be one of the funniest and ingenious works of comedy out there, and Rachel McAdams feels the same.

In an interview with the actress, she revealed that she knew from the very beginning that the film would be a hit, so she made sure that she would always have a piece of Regina George with her after the filming wrapped. She revealed that although Regina’s fashion isn’t her cup of tea, she still kept a few of her miniskirts to serve as memorabilia for the role. Now that’s something an avid collector would splurge their investment money on!

A Pleasant Surprise

When you’re fresh off finishing your college degree, much of the real world will seem confusing and overwhelming to you. That’s precisely what happened to Lord of The Rings star Orlando Bloom when he was cast to play Legolas.

In an interview with BBC Radio, the actor revealed that starring in the blockbuster fantasy classic wasn’t in his plans. The actor admitted that the enormity of the project didn’t really dawn on him until it hit theaters. Orlando also said that he was pretty nonchalant about the project, which he revealed was probably better because had he known that it would be this massive, he would’ve ruined his chances.

The Price of Filming

Ambitious film projects often require their actors to go to great lengths to get the perfect shots and flawless performances. For Charlize Theron, that involved running and doing car chases over and over again in the scorching hot Namibian desert.

The actress told BBC Radio that she worked herself so hard that she was at the brink of extreme exhaustion by the end of filming. However, the actress also shared that all the hard work and fatigue were worth it when she saw her 13-year-old daughter get inspired by her character. She definitely deserves credit for the work that she put in, and we’re glad that she and the film got it in the end.

So what do you think about these film secrets? Did it open your eyes to an unknown world behind the camera? There’s plenty more where that came from, so make sure to read up on more of our works in the future.