Celebrity BFFs With The Same Exes

Hollywood, the seemingly elusive world of the rich and the famous, is, to some degree, like a big giant high school filled with people moving within the same social bubble. Everyone knows everyone. With everyone moving within the same circle, the chances of these celebrities bumping into each other are rather small. Like your regular high school, dating each other’s exes is a fairly common occurrence in the industry. Here are some of our favorite Hollywood celebrity friends who once romanced the same person:

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez – Taylor Lautner

Let’s start this list strong and talk about one of Hollywood’s most famous BFFs, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Both ladies dated the former Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner.

Although Taylor and Selena both dated Taylor Lautner in 2009, the Wizards of Waverly Place actress got with him first. However, they eventually grew apart when the paparazzi started circling their budding relationship. Then by August of the same year, the Taylor Squared duo was born after Lautner met Swift on the set of Valentine’s Day. Their romance only lasted three months, but that was enough time to inspire Taylor Swift to write a song for her former beau. If you didn’t already know, fans have given Taylor Lautner credit for inspiring the song Back To December.

Drew Barrymore & Gwyneth Paltrow – Luke Wilson

Having dated two of the industry’s most beloved actresses, Luke Wilson is undoubtedly one lucky guy.

Luke and Drew fell in love first after working together on the film Home Fries in 1997The twosome then dated for two years before ending things in 1999. A few years later, Luke earned an acting creditfor The Royal Tenenbaums alongside Gwyneth Paltrow. Although these two gorgeous ladies shared the same beau once upon a time, they remain close friends and even support each other’s projects until today.

Kate Hudson & Cameron Diaz – Justin Timberlake & Alex Rodriguez

When it comes to men, it’s clear that Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have the same type. Why? Well, the two actresses dated the same person, not once, but twice!

The two ladies are friends now, but there was a time when things got heated between the two. According to sources, Cameron decided to date Alex Rodriguez after a romance started between Kate and Justin just a short while after the pair broke up. The whole thing is the stuff of an excellent high school drama, but we’re glad that the two ladies have now found the love of their lives and are living happily with several investments.

Courtney Cox & Jennifer Anniston – Adam Duritz

This one might seem unexpected, but yes, FRIENDS BFFs Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston were once in love with the same person by the name of Adam Duritz.

Adam Duritz is an American musician best known for being Counting Crow’s frontman. According to Pop Sugar, the musician dated Jennifer in 1995 and Courtney in 1997. Despite this, there was never any degree of competition between the two. As most of you know, Jenn and Courtney are still best friends today.

Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid – Joe Jonas

Tall, blonde, and gorgeous— those are just some of the words to perfectly describe Joe Jonas’ taste in women. I mean, just look at his wife, Sophie Turner! However, those words also describe his past high-profile lovers, Taylor Swift and supermodel Gigi Hadid.

While Joe became one of the most iconic Taylor Swift exes and was given credit for inspiring a few tracks, nobody really talks about his relationship with Gigi Hadid. Some might have even forgotten about it. The two briefly dated in 2015 and even went on double and triple dates with Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

How about you? Would you stay friends with someone who dated your ex?