The Most Glaring Mistakes That Made it Past Movie and TV Editors

Do you know the degree of effort, machinery, and workforce required to create a single movie? There are the actors, the director, the production crew, the director and producers, and the post-production team. Given that there are many moving parts, there is always a potential breakpoint, and mistakes could happen. It is usually upon the editing team to make sure that errors during the shooting do not make it past them, but at times, they do. Below are some of the most memorable mistakes made in the history of TV and film.

Coffee, Anyone?

It’s not like there is no coffee in ancient times. For sure, people who lived around the same period as Game of Thrones’ story drank coffee in one form or another. What was seen in the series, however, was a coffee cup! At one time, they also showed a water bottle. Those are definitely not something you expect to see when you are in medieval times, unless you are a time traveller of some sort and brought these modern things with you there.

Power Up

There is undoubtedly no electricity during medieval times. Even so, why did fans notice a charger lying about under Stannis’ leg during Game of Throne’s Season 5? The picture that circulated online was a behind-the-scene image, but keen-eyed observers could still make out the drive on the final cut.

Timeline Issues

Writers also make timeline mistakes. Given the complexity of writing, it is not uncommon. In Breaking Bad, for example, Jack Welker mentions an incident that happened back in 2011. The problem was, the series takes place in 2007, so there was no way he would’ve known about it.

Food Metamorphosis

We all grew up loving Pretty Woman, but looking back at it after many years, we do notice some errors. For example, when Julia Roberts was having breakfast in one scene, she was obviously eating croissants. After a cut, she was gobbling on a pancake. They should have made more investments in a bag of croissants!

Bumping Head

Star Wars stormtroopers are pretty notorious for not having good aim. However, this particular soldier, played by Laurie Goode, bumped his head in a scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. At first, he thought the cut wouldn’t make it to the final edit. Well, there’s no better way to prove himself wrong than by seeing it on the big screens.

Bullet Holes

Seeing bullet holes in a shooting scene is definitely not out of the ordinary. In fact, to a degree, it is expected. However, what is not acceptable is that in a particular scene in Pulp Fiction, bullet holes were visible BEFORE the shooting even began.

Mother’s Eyes

This is perhaps one of the most glaring mistakes in the Harry Potter movie series. The books and even the movies have always said that Harry Potter has his mother’s eyes. Yet, when images of Lily Potter were showed, she had brown eyes, while Harry has blue eyes in the movies. In the books, however, they both have green eyes. Still, the moviemakers deserve credit for making Harry Potter come to life.


When the main actor could not deliver the lines, or something came up, the stand-ins would usually take over. They are an integral part of the cast, but they should not be seen in the final version of the series. On one too many occasions on Friends, their stand-ins were actually visible, especially Monica and Rachel’s stand-ins.

Time Travelling Picture?

In an episode of The Simpsons, Marge reveals she was pregnant with Maggie. A quick look at the wall, though, and you see Maggie’s picture. Now how did that happen? Did The Simpsons make investments in time travel? Well, there are rumors, so who knows?


It is typical for the cast to make mistakes. In this case, because of the anticipation of a firing scene in North by Northwest, a child extra covered his ears a bit too early and was caught on camera.

Sweeping And Acting

We know that in the movies, it’s all just an act. Well, an extra on Quantum of Solace showed a whole new degree of dedication to his work. The role he was given: a man sweeping the floor. Now for the most part, he did as he was told. The only problem, however, was that he was sweeping the air. Was it too difficult to just clean the floor? James Bond would not have been thrilled.

Changing Shirts

When shooting, an actor’s dress always gets changed. In this case, however, the mistake was apparent. In Fast and the Furious, Tran was seen wearing a shirt with sleeves in one scene, and in the next shot, a tank top.