9 Unbelievable Facts About Friends

It’s safe to say that Friends is one of the most famous and syndicated shows in history. The cast comprises six friends, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc. If you watched and loved the show deeply, you might still remember things about it, like how Aniston’s character Rachel Green first appeared wearing a wedding dress.

Well, today we’ll put you to the test if you know some of these facts about the well-loved sitcom. Don’t worry, you don’t need a finance degree for this.

Friends Is Not Originally Friends

Well, prior to the show’s airing, co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane thought of a different name, and it’s far from today’s title — Insomnia Café. When NBC acquired the credit to air the now-popular sitcom, they changed the title to Friends Like Us. Other titles that almost made it to the cut were Across The Hall and Six of One.

Courtney Could Have Played Rachel Green

It’s undeniable that at that time, Courtney was more famous than Aniston. That is why the role of Rachel was initially offered to her. However, she found Monica’s “strong” character more appealing, so she opted to portray that character instead.

Predicted To Be successful

Before the sitcom was broadcasted on national TV, director James Burrows, who has directed several episodes, took the six cast members to Vegas, specifically at Caesar’s Palace. “This is your last shot at anonymity,” he said to them. Well, turns out he was right. Since then, the stars have developed quite a fan base.

Home Alone With Friends?

The sitcom reportedly has some degree of connection with the 1990 film Home Alone. Yup, you read that right! What they say is that Chandler and Monica acquired the house of the McCallisters.

They All Became Arquette.

When Courteney Cox tied the knot with David Arquette, the opening credits for the premiere of season six were changed. Her name was written as Courtney Cox Arquette, as were the other cast members. Yes, they went there. Names were shown as “Jennifer Aniston Arquette,” “Lisa Kudrow Arquette,” etc.

Fame Is Not For Everyone

Celebrities might be rich with money, have no mortgage problems, and live in bigger houses. Still, there is so much to give up and struggles to go through once you decide to enter show business. In Matt LeBlanc’s position, he mentioned in an interview with The Mirror in 2016 that he barely left his home for years because of his fame. “I was burnt out,” he said. Matt also added that there were years where he described it as “a very dark time” that he “almost had a nervous breakdown.” On the bright side, though, it sure looks like Matt is back and better than ever.

Rachel Green Almost Didn’t Make It

In an interview, Aniston revealed that she dealt with several issues throughout the show’s production. In fact, she almost didn’t make it to the last season! She also mentioned she didn’t want Friends to overstay its welcome and that it should end on a high note – which it undoubtedly did.

Pay Up!

Bruce Willis didn’t use his credit card to pay his bet with Matthew Perry, but he had to make an appearance on the show — for free. They made their bets while filming The Whole Nine Yards. Willis believed the movie wouldn’t debut atop the box office, but Perry thought otherwise. As it turns out, it did reach the number-one spot. He actually received a paycheck for the stint, but because of the bet, he donated it to charity. Guess you should not doubt your work after all.

Featuring The Future

In the TV sitcom, many celebrities, just like the previously mentioned Bruce Willis, also guest-starred on the show. However, some of today’s brightest stars also appeared in Friends, and that was before they made it big in the industry. This includes well-known figures such as Grey’s Anatomy’s lead star Ellen Pompeo, Cole Sprouse of Riverdale, and Craig Robinson of The Office.